A sewing machine is a piece of equipment used for sewing fabric and other materials together with thread. Most sewing machines can cope with lightweight fabrics. As for heavyweight materials, there is a sewing machine for leather, vinyl, synthetics, etc.

On Prime Buy, choose from these and other sewing machines:

  • Blindstitch machines produce blindstitches that won’t be seen. Perfect for alteration rooms, dry cleaners, department stores, home use, etc. 
  • Lockstitch sewing machines produce lockstitches, the upper and lower threads interlock (twist) together when passing through the hole. Such machines are used in sewing factories as well as in home applications.
  • Coverstitch machines are used to hem the edges of a finished garment or to do chainstitching. These machines are great for sample and alteration rooms, drapery shops, etc. 

A bag closing machine is a device designed for closing bags made of various materials. These machines are commonly used by packers of flour, coffee, grain, sugar, the list goes on.

Whether you need a sewing machine for beginners or you are in search of a more advanced device, or in case you want to get sewing machine parts, there is a wide range of solutions for different materials on our website! Decide which sewing machine is best suitable for your application.