An intercom system operates by transmitting audio and video signals to substation devices so residents and visitors can communicate. A base station is a system that provides two-way communication between people through a hardwired or wireless connection. An intercom system that uses smartphones as its base station will save money on hardware, wiring, and installation.

An Audio Intercom allows visitors to communicate with the residents inside the building. Some audio intercoms may also include a door release device, so residents can allow visitors to enter the building.

A Video Intercom includes a built-in camera, but you may also get an external camera. It is required to install separate hardware at various locations throughout the building to display the video footage. Video intercoms are more popular than audio intercom systems.

A Door Phone is a hardware unit of a door entry system that provides communication and property access between visitors and residents. Door Phones are generally installed inside the building and include buttons or a handset to listen to visitors and speak with them.

An Indoor Monitor allows residents to communicate with the visitors who are outside the building. Generally, an indoor monitor includes a speaker and a microphone.

A Door Intercom has a number of advantages, it:

  • secures a building against unwanted visitors;
  • allows controlling all access points;
  • incorporates video and audio management;
  • provides high-level communication.

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