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A carrying case is used for the convenient and safe transportation of certain items for future use. Such cases can vary in design, shape, size, and features depending on the items that are required to be carried.

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Cases & Bags

Cases & Bags

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Lens Waterproof Cases allow photographers and videographers to keep lenses organized when they’re on the go. Some cases may include an extra foam lining layer for maximum protection. These waterproof cases vary in size for the safe and easy transportation of lenses.

Revolver Cases are designed to protect your revolver during tough conditions. These waterproof hard cases are unbreakable with a protective foam that prevents the revolver from rusting and corrosion caused by high humidity and moisture. Some cases may have a soft grip and ergonomic handle for easier transportation.

Cases for DJI Mavic Controller by NANUK have an exclusive locking and latching system, they have a soft grip and ergonomic handle. These cases are waterproof and built for tough weather conditions.

Whether it is a case for wine bottles, firearms, or cameras, you can choose from a wide variety of cases on Prime Buy!