Statistically, fires cause billions of dollars in property damage as well as thousands of deaths and injuries each year. Fire detection systems differ according to the functions they perform. Fire sensors detect smoke in the air and send signals to the control panel, whereas fire sprinklers not only inform about the incident but also assist in putting out the fire, discharging water. Some smart fire alarm systems are able to call the firefighters and send an alert to the owner’s phone.

Carbon monoxide sensors work almost the same way. Detecting the presence of harmful gases in the air, they alert people about the danger in order to prevent CO poisoning.

Water leaks and overflows may also cause significant damages unless noticed in time. As well as the other types of alarms, flood alarms may perform different functions, including beeping, blicking light, sending a message to the owner’s phone, and even shutting off the water supply.

Choosing an alert system, whatever the type is, consider the area you would like to protect, its special features, and the level of protection you need. Investing money in safety, you will prevent large property damages, money loss, and life-changing injuries.

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