Sealants & Tapes

A sealant is an elastic mixture based on polymer compounds, which is designed to seal joints, fill cracks, cavities, and voids around heat pipes, window and door frames, etc. Some types of sealants are also able to isolate from water seepage.

The scope of application of sealants is very broad, but each type has its own area of ​​use. All products differ in their chemical composition and properties.

While choosing a sealant, please consider the application. For various needs, there are highly reliable and durable types that are able to withstand extreme temperatures. You may also need waterproof or UV resistant sealants for your outside projects or some special caulks that are able to block fire for your fireplace.

Tapes are various kinds of sticky strips. Depending on the application, you may need duct, floor, electrical, masking, painter’s, or packing tapes. These and more rare types of adhesive tapes are used in every sphere of our life ... read more

Sealants & Tapes

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Lubricant is a solid, liquid, or gaseous substance used in friction units of automotive equipment, industrial machines, and mechanisms, as well as in everyday life to reduce the wear caused by friction. It is mainly used to contribute to a more efficient function of a mechanism.

Anti-seize lubricants and compounds prevent seizing, galling, and corrosion due to weathering or chemicals. They also enable easier assembly and disassembly of metal parts especially exposed to high or low temperatures.

Anti-seize compounds differ according to applications. They are used in different spheres such as aerospace, automotive, food-grade, marine, military, and more.

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