Personal Protective Equipment

PPE or Personal protective equipment is used by workers to secure themselves and prevent or lessen exposure to harmful and dangerous job-related factors. Personal protective equipment helps where labor safety cannot be achieved by the construction of the equipment, the manufacturing process arrangement, and collective protective equipment. PPE is a substantiated way to improve protection in a facility.

Today, personal protective equipment has an immense range of applications. Thus, PPE includes a huge list of special clothing and shoes, insulating suits, respirators, hand, head, face, eye, hearing protection, and various other protective devices.

There are quite a few harmful factors at enterprises of various types. As an example, we can consider the negative reaction of the human body to industrial dust: volatile particles or, using professional terminology, solid aerosols can get into the eyes and into the respiratory system. During a work shift, dust may cause harm to health.

The influence of gases and various harmful compounds, working with hot objects, high-altitude work (production at height) - all this requires the use of PPE: helmets, shields, glasses, etc. Personal protective equipment must be of high quality. Such items of labor protection are produced by a group of the best brands like Gateway Safety, HexArmor, Mechanix Wear, and OccuNomix.

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Personal Protective Equipment

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