Fall Protection

High-quality protection against falls from a height is an integral part of organizing the safe performance of high-altitude operations. In particular, it applies to the professions of a mountain rescuer, industrial climber, assembler, firefighter, window cleaner, etc. Insurance plays an important role in the life of an employee because it protects them from serious injuries. At Prime Buy, you can find a wide range of safety systems, PPE, and equipment for industrial alpinism.

Types of equipment

Working at heights always involves the risk of serious injury. To protect the health and life of employees, you need to take care of purchasing special equipment in advance. Insurance and industrial PPE will help prevent serious injury and damage from falls. Currently, the following equipment is widely used:

  • Full Body Harnesses. They serve to fix the wearer’s body and restrict their movement. It is an essential element of protection when performing work at a level above 5 m. Modern products are distinguished by their practicality, strength, reliability, and long service life.
  • Anchorage Connectors. The products provide a safe place for fixing the locking systems. They cope with the tasks and do not require add-ons.
  • Connecting Subsystems or Lanyards. They are used to connect the harness of the working and anchor device. It is possible to use them with additional equipment.

The Fall Protection category includes various other important products like snaphooks, descenders, rescue utility systems, etc. It’s good to know what to choose but it’s not less important to know how to choose.

When choosing fall protection, experts recommend paying attention not to cost, but to the quality of the product. Only proven, rigorously tested products can guarantee a safe working process. Guardian and MSA are truly reliable brands whose products are made of high-quality materials.

Fall Protection

Fall Protection

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