Cash Drawers

A cash drawer is a temporary, reasonably secure place to store and present sorted cash in retail transactions.

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Cash Drawers

Cash Drawers

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A cash drawer generally connects to a purpose-built point-of-sale cash register system. When the cash register sends the command, the cash drawer is unlocked and its sliding tray opens under a mechanical spring force. When the device is opened, the retailer can complete the cash exchange.

Manual Cash Drawers are enhanced boxes with keys. They are an affordable and safe choice for managing cash flow. A key is used to lock the cash drawer and a mechanical push-button automatically unlocks it.

Printer Driven Cash Drawers are the most common devices. This cash drawer plugs into a receipt printer and once a receipt is printed following the info from the POS system and the required payment is made in cash, it will be automatically opened.

USB Cash Drawers are connected directly to the square hardware hub through the included USB cable. The device opens when you complete a cash sale or you may also use the included keys to open it manually.

A cash drawer plays an essential role in counting money, reconciling receipts, and balancing the drawer, which accounts for everyday transactions. Choose from various types of cash drawers on Prime Buy!