Commercial tea equipment is used to brew and serve your own hot tea in cafes and dispense a considerable amount of sweet and iced tea in hotel dining rooms, restaurants, and office lobbies.

Tea brewers are most commonly used in restaurants, cafes, and stores that provide tea. There are automatic and pour-over variants with automatic units that should be plumbed into a water line. Plumbed units are perfect for high-volume businesses as they continuously brew tea.

Depending on the model, a tea brewer can have a brewing capacity from 3.5 to 36 gallons per hour. This equipment can also serve tea if it is paired with a dispenser. You should choose one with a brew-through lid to keep contaminants out of your tea.

An espresso machine works by using steam, pistons, or pumps to force hot water through the puck of coffee beans. The high pressure in an espresso machine and the low water ratio to coffee give espresso its thick consistency.

A coffee machine pushes hot water through coffee beans to make coffee. It has a heating plate on the bottom, a glass pitcher to catch the coffee in, a water reserve tank, a cup to hold coffee grounds, and a tube.

An espresso machine uses high pressure to force water through the coffee while a coffee machine relies on the power of gravity to gradually pull water through the filter.

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