Sensors are devices used to convert signals from one energy domain to the electrical domain.

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A temperature sensor is one of the most common and most popular sensors. It detects and also measures temperature and then converts it into an electrical signal. Temperature sensors can be analog or digital.

Gas sensors are very useful devices used in offices and a wide range of industries. Smoke detectors detect the smoke and sound the alarm. Gas sensors are most commonly used in laboratories, large-scale kitchens, and more. They can detect different gases like LPG, Propane, Butane, Methane, etc.

Flow sensors measure the flow of a fluid such as a gas or liquid. They utilize both mechanical and electrical subsystems to measure changes in the physical attributes of the fluid and calculate its flow.

Distance sensors are used to measure the distance to an object from another object or obstacle without any physical contact involved. These instruments are used for accurate and fast measurement, exact positioning, and an extensive range of materials detection as well.

A humidity sensor is an instrument that senses, measures, and reports the relative humidity of air or determines the amount of water vapor present in a gas mixture or pure gas. Humidity sensing is related to a water adsorption and desorption process.

Level sensors are devices used in fluid control systems to determine the level of a tank or container. They can determine the level of various types of free-flowing media such as liquids, powdered solids, and granular solids.

Particle sensors are small air monitors that measure airborne particles such as smoke and dust. These instruments are relatively cheap and easy to operate, and particle sensors are becoming a popular way to monitor air quality.

Pressure sensors are most commonly used as altimeters and barometers to measure atmospheric pressure. They are also used for detecting leaks in sealed containers.

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