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A laser printer is an electronic device for printing documents. It has a complicated mechanism that consists of a laser, drums, mirrors, and tones. Turning on and off at precisely the correct moments, the laser charges the drum, drawing a picture on it. Then the drum comes to the toner. After that, the paper goes between the drums, where the ink is transmitted onto it. The ink merges with the paper because of heat and pressure. This complex technology is an excellent choice for heavy-duty use.

The printers vary depending on the color of the ink used. Mono printers are easy to manage while color ones are more complicated as they have 4 toner cartridges and four drums. They are bigger but good at printing high-quality color documents.
For different needs, there are single- and dual-sided printers. Simplex printing can be also used for printing on both sides, but only in two passes, whereas duplex printing does it automatically. It makes the process much faster.

Laser printers are easy to set up. All it takes is to download the software on your computer and connect it through Ethernet or USB cable. They also tend to have a host of convenient wireless connections allowing multiple people to print with ease.
Used in many industries, laser printers are effective at turning out large print jobs at a fast speed. Modern devices come with high volume toners that can handle eight thousand or more printed pages. They are long-lasting and able to produce very crisp text. Laser printers are also available in space-saving all-in-one versions for scanning, making copies, and even faxing. That makes the purchase even more cost-effective and useful.

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Laser & Matrix Printers

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