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A card printer is a special device used for printing ID cards. The gadget is useful for the military, financial, healthcare, government and public sector industries, education, and more. Practically all card printers use dye-sublimation technology that enables edge-to-edge printing. They move PVC plastic cards through a thermal print head together with a color ribbon. This way, the color of the ribbon is transmitted onto the card. Due to specific material and needs, most printers perform laminating, striping, and punching functions as well.

While choosing a card printer, pay attention to the size of the cards you want to get. The standard is 85.60 53.98 mm, but the dimensions depend on the purpose. Some printers are able to incorporate magnetic stripes or smart cards. It makes the plastic card able to store and protect information. Printers with integrated watermark systems can help protect the security of the organization. It gives an opportunity to identify whether a card is official or forged.

For different needs, there are single- and dual-sided printers. Simplex printing can be also used for printing on both sides, but only in two passes, whereas duplex printing does it automatically, it makes the process much faster. Card printers are easy to set up. All it takes is to download the software on your computer and connect it through Ethernet or USB cable. To exclude the problem of excess wiring, there are some cordless devices with the WiFi option.

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Card Printers

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