Scanners became an integral part of modern life. They are used in practically all spheres, including retail, hospitality, government, logistics, banking, and more.

Since the invention of the first scanner in 1957, humanity made great progress in scanning technologies. And it is not only about cutting-edge 3D scanners. Nowadays, we have a wide range of solutions that are able to perform practically all tasks.

The most common type is a flatbed scanner. It scans a document shining the light on it. This light is reflected back to a series of mirrors underneath the glass pane and then focused by a lens onto an array of sensors. Thus, the scanner determines the amount of reflected light and transfers it into digital data for the computer to show an accurate image of the document.

Flatbed scanners vary according to the technologies that are used to transfer the reflected light into digital data. Scanners can be equipped with Charge-Coupled Devices or a Contact Image Sensors. CIS solutions have a less complicated mechanism that makes the device cheaper and more lightweight, whereas CCD models offer a higher resolution of scanned documents ... read more



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Flatbed scanners can be both monochrome and color. The only difference in the construction is that the latter has additional lenses and built-in color filters to separate the scan into blue, green, and red versions. These will help the sensors to determine what the actual colors of the document are.

A drum scanner has a similar mechanism. Instead of CCD or CIS, it uses a photomultiplier tube, which is extremely sensitive to light. This technology is used to get detailed scans of a high resolution.

Perfect for heavy-duty use, sheetfed scanners are equipped with a stationary source of light that implies moving documents to scan them. It enables more efficient and faster scanning of loose sheets of paper and is widely used in businesses.

Depending on the application, scanners are available in various form factors. No matter what your needs are, Prime Buy offers you a wide range of reliable devices to meet all of them. Search for the best variant right now!

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