Filters are used to remove unwanted impurities from water such as sediment, taste, odors, bacteria as well as hardness to provide better quality water.

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Absorption filters utilize carbon, which is highly effective for capturing water-borne pollutants. The reason carbon absorbs pollutants so readily is that it has a huge internal surface that is jam-packed with nooks and crannies that capture chemical contaminants such as chlorine. 

Coalescing Filters are used to separate liquid droplets and aerosols from both liquid and gas media. The filter’s elements are made of specialized materials, such as borosilicate micro-fiberglass, synthetic fibers, and thermoplastic resins.

Particulate filters allow to remove sediments and other pollutants from drinking water utilizing cartridges made of thermally-bonded microfiber polypropylene.

Sediment filters are used to remove contaminants such as sand, silt, loose scale, clay, or other pollutants from the water. Unfiltered water passes through the filter, trapping contaminants on the surface or within the filter. 

Disc Filters are high-rate components of filtration systems where the dirty water passes through the central drum and then through the disc. These Filters consist of woven filter fabrics that remove solids from the water flow.

Water Filters come in different sizes, with various barriers and membranes. The proper water filters provide faster and cleaner water flow.

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