Couplings are pipe fittings applied to connect two or more pipe sections with the purpose of achieving continuity between them. Couplings may be used to join pipes of various or equal sizes, and adjust more than two pipes together as well.

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A Garden Hose Thread helps the hose to fit the tap or external equipment perfectly. There are various garden hose thread sizes available on the market. Selecting the proper size of the thread will ensure a tight connection and good operation. 

Ground Joint Couplings are fittings made for high-pressure steam heating, humidification, as well as washdown applications. The clamp tightly grips the hose as it locks into the ring of the barbed end, creating a leak-tight seal. These fittings are strong and durable with excellent corrosion resistance.

There are plenty of coupling types and sizes for various applications. Select the couplings required for your job on Prime Buy!