Diaphragm Pumps are used to transfer liquids with low, medium, or high viscosities, and liquids with large solid content. They also can handle many aggressive chemicals such as acids because they can be developed with a variety of materials and diaphragms.

Magnetic Drive Pumps are magnetically-driven chemical-process pumps that are used to eliminate the need for shaft sealing. They are generally used where liquid leakage poses a great risk such as the leakage of aggressive liquids, materials, acids, alkalis, corrosives, toxins, and pollutants. These pumps are also used for ultra-pure and hard-to-seal liquids.

Sewage Pumps include a tank or basin that collects sewage from your home. The pump turns on when the waste reaches a certain level and pushes it to the main sewer line and then the sewage flows to the city line or a septic tank. 

Piston Pumps are used to transmit liquids or compressed gases. The plunger is driven into the cylinder where it displaces a volume of fluid. When the plunger is removed, it draws in a replacement volume of fluid and the process is then repeated.

A Submersible Pump is an airtight motor close-coupled to the pump body. It prevents pump cavitation caused by the high elevation difference between the pump and the fluid surface. The assembly is submerged in the fluid, so the pump never requires priming.

Utility Pumps are multi-purpose devices used in a wide range of everyday applications around your home, or for removing standing water off basement floors or construction sites, draining aquariums, and waterbeds.

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