Binoculars are handheld optical devices that provide a magnified stereoscopic view of distant objects. Binoculars consist of two similar telescopes, one for each eye, mounted on a single frame. Depending on the objective lens size, binoculars are ideal for various purposes, bird watching, landscape viewing, or tracking targets when hunting. 

A telescope is a device used by astronomers to see distant objects. A telescope is the most important tool in astronomy. It uses a curved mirror to gather and focus light from the night sky.

A spotting scope is used to provide magnified images of distant objects, ideal for distant viewing and different activities, such as hunting, birding, camping, surveillance, and stargazing.

Night vision devices use image intensifier tubes to increase ambient light to produce a bright image of the surroundings. Generally, night vision devices are used during night surveillance, search and rescue, and more.

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