At Prime Buy, you can choose from a wide range of products, for example:

  • navigation lights - These are a must at night or in poor lighting conditions. They are used to prevent collisions. With their help, you can also allow other vessels to see you and vice versa. You can select the model with the color of the light you need.
  • radars - These are the devices you definitely want to pay attention to. They will help you find your way home. It doesn’t matter how bad the weather is or how dark the night is, with a good radar, you will avoid a collision. Nowadays, these devices are compact and easy to operate.
  • marine fish finders - The devices are used to locate fish underwater. The fish finders have many useful features to meet your needs.
  • transducers - A transducer is considered to be the heart of a sonar or fishfinder system. They convert electrical pulses into sound waves/acoustic energy and transmit these waves into the water. There are different types of transducers available.
  • marine audio equipment - Buy subwoofers, amplifiers, tower speakers, etc. Listen to your favorite music on your boat!
  • batteries and power - These should not be overlooked, choose them carefully as you need power for all the devices and equipment you have on your boat. On our website, you can purchase alternators, battery monitors, regulators, the list goes on.

There are many other products that we carry. On our website, we offer best-in-class marine electronics from top manufacturers. Enjoy accurate navigation, catch more fish, and be safe - shop with Prime Buy & find the right device for you!

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