Power shears are used for cutting large metal sheets to a suitable size for handling and transporting, often in HVAC applications.

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Power shears come in two main types: single-cutting types, which are similar to nibblers, and double-cutting ones that commonly look like a drill or reciprocating saw with a strange metal device on one end.

A sharpened movable blade of single-cut shears cuts the metal rapidly. It slices the metal sheet cleanly without creating any material waste, although it may deform the material to some degree as it cuts through it. One of the major benefits of single-cut shears is their capacity for heavy-duty cutting tasks.

Double-cut shears use two separate cutters which remove a thin strip of the material when the tool cuts through it. These shears cut the material fairly straight and with minimum distortion as well. Double-cut shears are not suitable for heavy-duty applications like single-cut shears. However, they provide a fast, easy, and clean cut that saves the shape and structure of the metal. 

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