There are multiple types of saws depending on your cutting needs. It is essential to choose the right saw for your job. When you use the wrong type of saw and the wrong type of blade, it may lead to ruining both the tool and material.

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Circular Saws are compact, electric tools with a rotating circular blade. These saws come in different styles, depending on the blade size. They are perfect for cutting lumber and cut quickly and easily.

Jig Saws are lightweight and handheld tools that have vertical blades that move up and down to cut the material. They are perfect for detailed cutting and making inside cuts in wood, plastic, and some metals.

Miter Saws are used to make quick and accurate crosscuts. The miter saw uses a rotating blade fixed onto a table. These saws are similar to table saws, however, they perform angled cutting and their blades provide accurate finishing.

Reciprocating Saws are powerful electric hand tools that have push-and-pull, reciprocating blades. They are similar to hand saws but with more power. Reciprocating saws cut most non-masonry materials quickly, and they are adaptable to many applications.

Compound Miter Saws use blades that operate on an arm instead of on a pivoting lever, providing easier performance, and more complex cutting. They can perform miter, straight, and compound cuts, and are perfect for efficiency and accuracy.

Portable Band Saws are compact versions of stationary band saws. The tools use looped blades suitable for cutting small items such as pipes. A portable band saw is most commonly used in metalworking, plumbing, and welding applications.

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