Impact Wrenches

Prime Buy offers a wide range of pneumatic, electric, and cordless impact wrenches. They are manufactured using cutting-edge technologies and materials for the harshest jobs.

An impact wrench is perfect for loosening stuck and rusted nuts. With this instrument, even the tightest joint can be loosened quickly and effortlessly. These tools are used in car services, dismantling works, etc.

The principle of operation of the impact wrench is based on the force of the shock-rotary mechanism, which has an impulsive effect on the fasteners through the socket head: first, the nut is clamped by the head, and then the motor drives the head in rotation, in the direction required for tightening or unscrewing. The impact frequency can exceed 3000 beats/min, which ensures a high speed of work. By switching the direction of rotation, you can tighten the fasteners.

Selection options:

  • Type of food. There are electric, cordless, and pneumatic impact wrenches on the market. Choose the appropriate option depending on the operating conditions.
  • Torque. The higher the value, the more complex tasks the tool can handle. For example, a model with a torque of up to 588 N*m is designed to work with fasteners with a diameter of up to M22.

At Prime Buy, you can find a suitable impact wrench and buy it at a bargain price. We also offer a wide range of accessories and consumables. Place your order now!

Impact Wrenches
Impact Wrenches
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