HSS Drill Bits are used for drilling wood, light metals, fiberglass, and PVC. These tools are made of stainless steel with nickel and chrome concentrations that ensure strength and durability. They are capable of operating at high speed and provide long-lasting performance. 

Cobalt Drill Bits are made of a mixture of high-speed steel and cobalt. These drill bits are stronger than HSS ones and drill through hard materials such as hardened steel and stainless steel easily. Cobalt drill bits are heat resistant, extra durable, and high in strength.

Carbide Tipped Drill Bits are used for concrete drilling. Unlike standard bits, these ones are more durable due to the hardness of the heads, are more resistant to extreme loads, and provide a longer service life.

Drill Bits are essential additions to the toolbox to use in any project, whether it’s a quick decor change or a building project. There is a wide range of Drill Bits on Prime Buy, choose the ideal one for your job!