Network Attached Storage

Data is an integral part of today's business. Without reliable access to it, companies may not be able to provide their customers with a good level of service. Obviously, effective storage and quick sharing of data inside the team leads to streamlining workflow and increased productivity. But how can we put it into practice?

Network Attached Storage system is a great solution to this problem. It enables secure and reliable storing of various types of data. It is accessible to any allowed device on your network wherever the users are. In some way, it gives you an opportunity to create and manage your own cloud, providing a high level of security at the same time.

Basically, a NAS is an ordinary computer in a compact case. It is equipped with an array of several hard drivers and designed for long-term data storage. Being connected to a local network, the device enables reliable wireless sharing of files.

Since it is not designed for direct user interaction, the majority of input and output peripheral devices cannot be connected to a NAS. Your network is the only way of interaction with the storage ... read more

Network Attached Storage

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While choosing a NAS, consider the amount of memory you need and pay attention to some special functions the manufacturers may offer. All NAS devices differ according to the number of hard drives installed in the system. They influence memory capacity and speed. The most recent devices have a gigabit connection. Nevertheless, it’s better to check network bandwidth before buying the device to make sure that it is suitable for you.

NAS solutions enable multi-level access to the files. All users have their own profiles and can manage data in the way they are allowed to. Thus, they can separate their information from each other and share it only if it’s necessary. This function provides a higher level of security and reliability.

Network Attached Storage is an efficient way of storing large amounts of data. This technology is used in a variety of spheres, including retail, hospitality, government, manufacturing, and more.

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