Communication Radios

A Communication Radio is a device needed for communication through radio waves.

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Communication Radio

Communication Radios

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A Two-Way Radio converts audio to radio waves that are then sent through the air and received by other radios that convert them back to audio. A Two-Way Radio can operate in a half-duplex or full-duplex mode. Half-duplex allows one to transmit or receive radio waves in turn but not at the same time, while full-duplex allows one to do it simultaneously. A Two-Way Radio is also known as a transceiver because it can transmit and receive radio communications.

A CB Radio is a Communication Radio device used to share information under every condition and circumstance. The radio signal will be available in every remote area as the antenna produces the signal. A CB Radio is an effective, versatile alternative to cellular communication. Such radios provide communication in distant areas or areas of natural disasters, and in emergency situations.

A Radio Headset is a two-way communication device that includes headphones and a microphone. The headphones are used to listen to information/audio from other users, while the microphone gathers the info you’ve said and transmits it using radio waves

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