Varieties of flashlights by a light source. In addition to the power source, an equally important criterion for choosing a flashlight is the source of its glow. It can be used as:

  • Halogen lamp. A halogen light bulb is a type of incandescent lamp, its distinctive feature is the addition of halogen vapors (bromine or iodine) to the cylinder (bulb). Due to this temperature, the spiral of the tungsten wire is increased and extended life of the bulb. Its disadvantages are low light transmission, high cost, short glow period, heating of the protective glass of the lantern.
  • Xenon lamp. A flashlight with a xenon lamp and a very bright luminescence indicator often reaches 100 lumens per watt. Saturated flux is in the daytime spectrum and has a high dispersion range. If the battery is discharged by 5%, the brightness of the lamp is reduced by 20%. This type of equipment is usually used by rescuers since such a flashlight can illuminate deep ravines and caves. Luminous flux xenon lamps are noticeable even in the daytime at a distance of several kilometers, which allows them to deliver signals using Morse code.
  • LEDs. A LED flashlight is the best option for home use. It consumes little energy. Such devices have the highest efficiency compared to other lamps. The brightness of the glow can reach 95 lumens per watt. LEDs practically do not heat up, therefore, touching the protective glass, you can not be afraid of getting burned, which is not uncommon for really powerful lamps with incandescent lamps. LEDs have no drawbacks, except for a slightly lower brightness in comparison with xenon devices.

Popular types of lanterns by purpose. The flashlight is a very popular device, so its design is adapted for specific purposes of use. The most common types of flashlights include:

  • Pocket flashlight. The smallest. Their power source is always a battery. It shines very weakly, but enough not to stumble on the steps or in a dark alley. These are often really very small devices that can be used as keychains. Recently, the popularity of such flashlights has faded since the backlighting of modern smartphones is even brighter.
  • Tourist flashlight. Designed for everyday use and travel. They are often equipped with additional functions such as the radio or sockets for charging phones and tablets. Tourist flashlights are characterized by a high capacity battery that provides a long glow on a single charge. This is the largest group of devices so you can find a suitable model for you.
  • Security guard flashlight. Outwardly, it looks like a club. These are large but heavy flashlights with high power and robustness. They can be used as weapons to combat intruders. The inner elements of the lantern are shock and vibration resistant, so even after a strong shake as a result of a fight, the guard's device will retain the possibility of glowing.
  • Tactical flashlight. Designed for law enforcement agencies. They are secured to individual firearms by means of a Picatinny rail or dovetail connection. Usually, such flashlights have a remote control. There is a wire between the button and the device itself. This allows you to quickly turn on and off the light without releasing the weapon from the combat grip.
  • Emergency flashlight. Designed to rescue and highlight during repair work in specific conditions. They are equipped with an explosion-proof enclosure. It allows you to work at points of gas leakage without fear that a spark inside the device on the battery will lead to ignition. These are bright light sources that are resistant to high humidity.
  • Scuba diving flashlight. Withstands immersion. It is used by divers and underwater hunters. They are very bright, which allows for visibility even in murky water. Their body is made of corrosion-resistant materials and can withstand extreme pressure.
  • Miners/Camping/Hiking flashlight. This refers to the head mount. Such devices also have an explosion-proof enclosure as they are used in environments where there is a high probability of the accumulation of flammable gases. These flashlights characterized by increased shock resistance as well as long-lasting luminescence, which is sufficient for illumination throughout the entire work shift without the need for recharging.

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