Electrical Boxes & Panels & Boards

Electrical Boxes & Panels & Boards are used for protecting electrical devices from short circuits and for distributing electricity throughout the building.

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Electrical Boxes & Panels & Boards

Electrical Boxes & Panels & Boards

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Electrical boxes are used to enclose wire connections. They ensure protection from short circuits, that may cause fires.

Some boxes are designed for indoor & outdoor use, while others are used for installation outside of walls. They contain light switches, wires, or outlets.

Outdoor Boxes may be designed in metal and other materials. They allow to protect wiring from the elements with gaskets, sealed seams, and watertight covers.

Electrical Boards receive electricity and spread power safely through various circuits in a building. Each of these spreading points has a protective circuit breaker or fuse. Electrical boards are usually installed near the entrance of a building for easy access.

Electrical Panels are typically service boxes used to connect a major power line to the building and distribute electrical current to the circuits within the building. Circuit breakers and fuses ensure there is no overcurrent during the distribution of power to various circuits.  

With a bit of preparation, you may add electrical boxes & panels & boards to the building. Always check with the local building inspector before starting any electrical project. 

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