Xerox is a leading manufacturer of printing solutions. They are used in a variety of industries, including education, retail, commercial, government, insurance, and more. The company manufactures printers in various form factors and designs for everyone.

A laser printer is the most common choice for everyday office needs. Monochrome or color, single- or dual-sided, it always provides fast printing with crisp text and clear graphics. Xerox can offer laser printers with some innovative features, such as mobile printing and WiFi connectivity.

The company has a variety of printers in cost-effective, all-in-one versions. Besides printing, these multifunction devices are capable of copying, scanning, faxing, and even sending emails. Being equipped with a touch screen, they represent the best-in-class user interface. App-based, tablet-like navigation enables easy access to the tools you need. You can personalize the home screen for every user to complete the tasks in fewer steps.

What is more, Xerox printers provide a high level of security. Special secure applications prevent Network intrusion and data transmission, encrypt data, and add security to individual documents. Most models have an integrated card reader for added convenience and security options.

The company constantly develops innovative applications and software solutions to make perfect office assistants out of ordinary peripheral devices. Simplifying the working process, Xerox gives an opportunity to streamline the workflow and operate data efficiently.

In addition, Xerox manufactures Inkjet Press and Continuous Feed Printers for printing personalized catalogs, color books, trans-promo, and more.

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