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Western Enterprises is a recognized leader when it comes to gas management technologies.

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Western Enterprises

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Western Enterprises has over six decades of expertise. At the beginning of its journey, Western Enterprises specialized in the manufacturing of brass welding fittings. Later, it was also known for its gas distribution equipment, industrial and medical regulators, flowmeters, etc. Over 25 years ago, the company introduced a line of specialty gas & high purity gas regulators. The products are widely used in industrial, medical, and specialty gas applications. 

At Prime Buy, you can easily choose from an extensive range of solutions from the following categories: 

We offer the company’s regulators, fittings, hoses, valves, the list goes on!

Western Enterprises offers reliable products that are made in the USA. They are designed with the customer in mind to meet your needs.

The company sees its mission in developing, manufacturing, acquiring, and marketing top-quality products for the control, monitoring, and flow of gases the world over. Shop with Prime Buy and use reliable equipment!

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