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Wells Lamont produces a large variety of top-quality personal protective equipment. Since the creation of the company, it has been recognized as one of the most trusted.

Almost a hundred years ago, the company introduced the iconic White Mule leather palm glove, and this way, the image of a mule became an integral part of the Wells Lamont logo. But it’s not the only significant feature of this prominent company. “Stubborn about Quality” - this catchy slogan appeared in the 1980s and became the best description of the company’s strategy.

To this day, the brand remains a top-rated manufacturer that attracts more and more clients with its qualitative, reliable products. With the development of new technologies, Wells Lamont established four brands to fulfill all possible needs.

Durable, versatile, and comfortable HydraHyde gloves, made of innovative material, not only protect hands from water but also allow the skin to breathe. The unique tanning process makes an excellent water-resistant material out of porous leather giving it flexible and breathable properties at the same time. These gloves protect hands, keeping them cool and dry.

ComfortHyde manufactures strong but soft hand protective equipment with good abrasion resistance. Every pair of gloves is exclusively durable and pleasant to wear.

Some jobs require extreme dexterity and here is where FX3 comes in handy. These gloves not only protect from damages but also reduce hand fatigue, increase comfort and productivity.

Waterproof and breathable winter mitts made by Snow will keep your hands dry and warm even in the most severe conditions. Being made of high-quality materials, these gloves won’t wear off for a long time. They are perfect for cold and wet weather.

Wells Lamont manufactures personal protective equipment in a variety of styles and sizes. Both men and women can be protected while doing manifold jobs: spraying, painting, gardening, farming, ranching, landscaping, welding, and more. There is a special line for kids as well.

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Wells Lamont

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