Uniform or UIC (Uniform Industrial Corporation) has been producing high-quality devices for easy reading of cards with every swipe for almost three decades. It engineers innovative technologies to provide you with secure transactions. The company offers the most sophisticated solutions for your specific needs.

UIC knows that every business is unique, and therefore the solutions can not be repeated. A large expert team of engineers and business managers is working to create comfortable conditions for the prosperity of your business. There is nothing to be beyond their capabilities and skills. Uniform will provide you with all the leading technologies and tools possible from its extensive catalog.

Each time Uniform develops new models of the payment system, it exceeds the expectations of its customers, its value. It is equally important in the company to satisfy the needs of each of its customers.

The Uniform’s products are characterized by reliability and durability. They are designed to serve you flawlessly for many years of usage.

Prime Buy offers a wide variety of check scanners, PINPads, credit card swipers, and other types of payment systems to meet your needs.


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