Tripp-Lite is a top-rated manufacturer of networking and power equipment. Its solutions serve in a number of spheres, including education, government, healthcare, commercial, retail, and more.

Tripp-Lite’s line of power products includes reliable uninterruptable power supply solutions. The technology itself offers guaranteed power protection for connected electronics. In case of interruptions, your UPS system will provide clean battery backup power for sensitive equipment.

Tripp-Lite offers a variety of battery backups, devices that minimize the effect of brownouts, surges, and electrical outages. Being reliable and durable, they are able to prevent constant repairing of your electronic devices.

Aimed to control and distribute electric power, Tripp-Lite power distribution units can handle larger amounts of energy and provide data and statistics on power usage effectiveness. Usually, they are directly installed in the rack.

At Prime Buy, there is a wide range of Tripp-Lite power inverters, devices that change direct current to alternating current. You may also need isolation transformers, devices that are used to transform alternating current electrical energy from the primary to the secondary side with equal frequency and power. And of course, don’t forget about a power conditioner to protect sensitive loads.

In the category of Tripp-Lite’s power solutions, you can also find UPS replacement batteries, power cords, charging stations & chargers, power strips, and surge protectors that can add an additional layer of protection for your devices. There is also a variety of high-quality hardware for your network, including KVM & Ethernet switchers.

In addition, the company offers compatible connectivity solutions to provide safe and reliable wired connections (e. g. fiber cables, adapters, and hubs).

Whatever your needs are, you can find the most suitable variant at Prime Buy.

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