TRENDnet, founded in 1990 in Torrance, California, specializes in hardware networking and periphery products that are widely used by customers all over the world. Why they choose TRENDnet?

  • With TRENDnet solutions, you can be easily connected with numerous devices you need for a comfortable workflow.
  • 30 years of deep industry experience that together with the innovative company's vision of the future helps TRENDnet design state-of-the-art switches, modems, PoE injectors, USB adapters, controllers, surveillance cameras, and other devices.
  • Award-winning products and ISO9001:2015 quality management certification are the results of the company’s dedication to excellence.
  • The TRENDnet brand is recognized for unmatched quality and exceptional performance.
  • Customers in over 130 countries are familiar and satisfied with TRENDnet products, using them in small and medium-sized businesses. There are also solutions for home use.

With TRENDnet, staying connected is easy.

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