StarTech is a top-rated manufacturer of connectivity solutions. Its products serve in a variety of spheres, including education, government, retail, marketing, banking, and more.

Starting with making dust covers, now the company produces a number of difficult-to-find solutions to meet every need.

StarTech docking station gives an opportunity to make a powerful workstation out of an ordinary laptop. With this device, you can get a full-fledged substitution for a desktop computer without loss of flexibility.

The company offers a variety of adapters (e. g. VGA to HDMI, Mini Displayport to DVI, USB-C to VGA). Adapting one connection type to another, they allow using peripherals without wasting money on new hardware.

A foolproof network is an integral part of a safe and streamlining workflow. Choosing StarTech, you will get an opportunity to create reliable connections using high-quality solutions, including SFM modules, Ethernet adapters, hubs, and more.

The list of StarTech products also includes various converters, cables, switches, and extenders.

With a diversity of StarTech solutions, you can easily boost productivity and save money, increasing the number of available connections, upgrading current configurations, providing wireless connectivity, and more.

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