Sonicwall is an industry-leading supplier of best-in-class network security solutions. Providing high product quality, the company has thousands of satisfied customers worldwide in the retail, education, healthcare, state & local government, enterprise, hospitality, banking, and other spheres, where network security plays a significant role in maintaining an efficient workflow.

All computers and servers in your office store and operate important private data, that’s why they shouldn’t be accessible to everyone on the Internet. Here is where Sonicwall firewalls come in handy. The technology itself filters the incoming data and determines by its rules if it is allowed to enter a network. It acts as a defense system for a computer against worms, viruses, trojans, route force attacks, and other attempts to compromise your network, stoping a damaging activity before it can cause harm.

Sonicwall’s wide range of firewall devices is designed to suit the needs of both large and small enterprises. Cloud-managed, they represent a reliable way to save corporate data and keep cybercriminals and hackers from penetrating your network.

Besides network security solutions, the company manufactures top-notch access security devices, including easy-to-deploy cloud-managed access points. These devices enable fast and easy-to-establish WiFi connectivity, without sacrificing safety.

The list of Sonicwall access security products also includes cutting-edge 1G and 10G switches with up to 48 ports. Enabling local, remote, and cloud management, they provide reliable connections together with high speed and feature-rich performance.

The company manufactures switches in different form factors with various port combinations and built-in PoE options that may solve a frequent problem of excessive wiring. Most models come with additional SFP ports that allow connecting several gigabit network switches to increase the size and improve the functionality of a network.

In addition, Sonicwall constantly develops a wide range of software solutions (e.g. cloud and virtual firewalls, network security managers, capture and content filtering clients, etc.) to address security challenges and meet ever-growing customer requirements, even the most demanding.

Choose safety with Sonicwall.

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