Solo is a popular range of Detector Test Equipment.

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Solo is a brand of Detectortesters, a pioneer in the world of fire testing technologies for over 55 years. A deep industry experience and team commitment are embodied in an extensive range of state-of-the-art solutions.

Why Solo is recognized as a market leader globally? 

  • With Solo, testing fire systems will be done quickly, simply, and efficiently.
  • Both specialists and commercial users, as well as fire maintenance companies in more than 130 countries use Solo products and are absolutely satisfied with their performance and long service life.
  • The company conducts various researches and tests, which leads to product improvement and Solo's reputation growth.
  • Detectortesters is the first company whose design and production of reliable and advanced detector test equipment is ISO9001-approved.
  • Moreover, Solo detector testers are absolutely universal and compatible with a broad array of smoke, heat, and CO detectors.

Solo is committed to making your working and living environment safe and secure 24/7.

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