Seitron offers combustion analyzers, gas detectors, manometer + thermometer solutions, and more.

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One of the main Seitron objectives is to contribute to the improvement of society, guiding its customers in the direction of efficient & responsible energy use.

Seitron invests in research & development in order to ensure it can offer innovative solutions. The products are high-performance as well as environmentally compatible. 

The passion that makes Seitron powerful, thanks to technology, finds its shape through making best-in-class products with a focus on sustainability and ease of use.

Pay attention to Seitron combustion analyzers. The devices for use in the HVAC industry are intended for easy installation/servicing of boilers, water heaters, furnaces, and so on. There are products for residential as well as commercial use.

Gas leakage detectors will allow you to effectively pinpoint gas leakage as these devices are highly sensitive and accurate.

Gas-T-One is a manometer plus thermometer in one device. Measure differential pressure and temperature easily!

If you need a printer (Bluetooth connection), Seitron is also a great choice. With a wireless thermal printer, you can rest assured that the printing process will be fast and effortless.

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