Innovative gripping systems and clamping technology by Schunk.

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Schunk is recognized as a global leading developer and manufacturer of gripping systems and clamping technology. An experience of more than seven decades is greatly seen in the quality, performance, and reliability of the company's products. Everything is produced with your needs in mind to help your work confidently and achieve profound results.

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Schunk products, widely known for their prime quality, technical advances, and excellent design, are perfect for commercial and industrial applications. The company develops industry standards with great potential for the future of many industries.

Since the establishment of Schunk, continuous design improvements and production technology advances have inevitably led to the company's global growth. Its design and engineering team is passionate about creating new solutions that reply to the needs of its customers and connect to the latest market trends.

Covering an extensive range of applications, Schunk solves highly demanding machining tasks in internationally known quality.

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