Founded as a trading company in 1938, Samsung started to work in the electronics industry only in 1993 and made huge progress in this sphere in a short time. Having started with the first CDMA phone, and a black and white TV, the company continues to astonish consumers.

Together with mobile phones, household appliances, computers and laptops, Samsung has a large variety of displays in the list of products. Curved or flat, they make entertainment more enjoyable and work more productive. Improving professional images of companies, they attract customers. This electronics giant provides its customers with a large variety of displays that are made using the latest technologies. No matter what the purpose is, there is a big choice of outdoor and indoor displays, both for private and commercial needs, and even Public Information Displays.

Samsung attracts customers with reliable goods and innovative technologies that make the products not only good-looking but also cost-effective and long-lasting. Recently, Samsung became a CES® 2020 Innovation Awards winner for the devices and services that display outstanding design and engineering in cutting-edge technology.

Samsung's mission is to make a global society better by devoting all human resources and modern technology to create top-quality products and services.