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RF IDeas produces a large variety of authentication solutions. It offers everything you need to enable security devices for workstation log-on, secure print, dispensing, attendance management, and more. It provides a wide range of magnetic stripe, mobile, single- and dual-frequency readers in different form factors, mounting configurations, and connectivity options to meet practically any need. See more information below…

RF IDeas

RF IDeas

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There are also high-quality credentials, analyzers, converters, software development kits, and accessories from RF IDeas for companies to arrange a reliable control system.

The range of products grows permanently, creating new solutions for your business. Innovative technologies, like seamless authentication via smartphone credentials or sonar presence sensor with flash memory, will help you protect data and make your employees’ work faster and more productive at the same time.

The solutions provided by RF IDeas are widely used in a variety of industries.

In healthcare, for instance, it’s important to have secure access to laptops, medical carts, nurses’ stations, etc. The system safeguards computer resources and protects health information without impeding authorized caregivers or compromising their focus on their patients.

Manufacturing can be dangerous for not properly trained people. With RF IDeas solutions, companies can ensure that only authorized users have access to equipment and reduce the risk. For companies, it is necessary to track time and attendance but doing it manually can be a waste of time. Besides solving this problem, RF IDeas solutions secure workstations and data, maximizing workflow productivity. It is essential for the government sector and education as well.

Authentication solutions also become a proper way for transportation and logistics to ensure driver authorization for the right vehicle and route, preventing unauthorized access. Thus, access control systems are an integral part of a secure and productive workflow.

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