Rees, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality electromechanical industrial control switches.

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Rees, Inc. is a privately owned company based in Fremont, Indiana. The company has been providing its customers with reliable control switches for over 90 years.

During the 1920s, Mackworth Rees worked in an automotive plant. The quality of push buttons used on the equipment needed to be improved so he built a prototype of a push button in his garage and showed it to the executives at his work. It marked the beginning of Rees Inc. Years passed at the company’s commitment to excellence hasn’t changed. All products are reliable and built to last.

At Prime Buy, there is a broad selection of Rees switches. Choose from cable operated switches, single plunger push button switches, double plunger push button switches, operators, legend plates, and other products. The company’s switches are designed for use in rugged environments of industrial plants.

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