Pyramid Time

Since 1969, Pyramid Time has been focusing on timekeeping. It all started with a simple time stamp over 50 years ago, whereas today it is a world-renowned company that offers a variety of solutions.

Pyramid Time’s product portfolio impresses with its variety and versatility of choice, including hand-perforated clocks, wirelessly synchronized clocks, software clocks, and so on. You will be pleasantly surprised when you first use a product from Pyramid Time, as all of them are incredibly easy to use and maintain.

Pyramid Time is committed to excellence. The company constantly improves product design and performance. In addition, its experts carefully select materials so that users get reliable and durable products.

The company is well aware of the market and the needs of its customers. With this in mind, all items undergo rigorous performance, temperature, and durability tests. Customer care is one of the company’s core values​.

Pyramid Time

Pyramid Time

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