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Prompter People offers a broad range of reliable and affordable teleprompters for everyone.

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Prompter People, established over 17 years ago, designs rock-solid and cost-effective teleprompters that are assembled in the USA. Now it is much easier to create videos and films for professionals on both sides of the camera.

Why choose Prompter People?

  • Mark Ditmanson, the Founder and President of Prompter People, is committed to innovation to help videographers and teleprompter readers achieve great results effortlessly.
  • The company’s products are made using industrial-grade glass.
  • Its teleprompters are designed to be easy to set up and use. Where possible, they have intuitive features.
  • The monitors are auto-reversed. This eliminates the need for a complex computer setup and prevents most technical problems.
  • The products are compatible with any tripod and come fully assembled.
  • With each prompter, you'll get Mac and PC software.
  • The company’s products are widely used by broadcasters, independent producers, corporate video departments, video rental shops, government and advertising agencies, churches, schools, and non-profit organizations.

Prompter People is developed based on a simple concept - You cannot make a bad decision.

Thousands of Prompter People products are now in use around the world as the company makes teleprompters for every need and budget.

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