Founded in 2008, Point Source Audio designs, develops, and manufactures top-quality solutions for the audio industry. The company’s product designers have more than 60 years of combined professional experience allowing them to create simple, convenient, and efficient devices.

Point Source Audio Milestones

  • 2014 - CO-8WD - the New Product Award at the 2014 WFX Conference and Expo
  • 2016 - Patent for the World's First Modular In-Ear Headset
  • 2017 - CO2-8WL -  Top 5 Products by CPM
  • 2017 - CM-i5 - Best Of Show by TV Technology
  • 2020 - Reinvention of Patented Headsets with Detachable Earphones

These and many other microphones and headsets from Point Source Audio are engineered with your needs, comfort, and excellence in mind. The company is trusted by many customers across the globe. All products meet present-day standards and demanding users’ requirements.

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