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Planar Systems is a leading manufacturer of top-rated digital displays. From small kiosk touchscreen displays to large video walls, the company produces a wide range of high-quality devices to suit every possible need.

Seamless Planar LED video walls provide the best image experience for both indoor and outdoor use. Delivering clear images, bright LED screens with high resolution enable you to share information and engage clients.

Cutting-edge LCD products make your wildest dreams come true. Create a dynamic way of art and information delivery with Planar 22” square LCD tiles. Connected to any video source, your architectural video wall will broadcast media in unique arrays and shapes, impossible for traditional displays.

The company also manufactures large format LCD displays in different sizes. Ranging from 43” to 100”, Planar displays stand out for their high resolution and bright colors whatever the environment is. These commercial solutions are ideal for retail, hospitality, and even government.

Planar offers advanced touchscreen solutions to simplify the way we live. Innovative desktop monitors and multi-user video walls are able to make the workflow more efficient and exciting. Interactive LCD video walls enable up to 32 touchpoints and allow simultaneous interaction of multiple users without affecting each other.

4K multi-touch digital displays are available in different sizes up to 350”. This leading-edge technology is a valuable asset for collaboration in higher education, healthcare, engineering, architecture, and more.

Revolutionizing the world, the company produced something that has completely changed the way of exhibiting art and presenting information. Planar OLED displays are able to showcase dynamic or interactive information on a transparent surface glass. They allow users to see what is shown on a glass video screen while still being able to see through it. Designers can overlay texts, digital images, and video content onto physical objects behind the glass, making a lasting impression on the viewers.

At Prime Buy, you can find a wide range of Planar digital displays and accessories to suit every need.

Make your wildest ideas happen with Planar!

Planar Systems

Planar Systems

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