OccuNomix specializes in personal safety equipment for people worldwide. The product portfolio is diverse and includes one-piece protective clothing, caps, hats, gloves, knee pads, and more. The company’s protective equipment is designed to handle both very hot and very cold working environments. Cooling balaclavas, bandanas, vests with phase transition are used to protect the wearer from heat stress. In cold conditions, winter liners and other heat-preserving clothes will warm you. In addition, you can pay attention to trousers, vests, T-shirts, and helmets. The items with a special reflective material are designed to enhance your visibility. OccuNomix also works in the field of ergonomics to provide you with high-quality back and wrist supports.

OccuNomix products are manufactured with the intention to protect you from accidents at the workplace, dangers, discomforts, etc. Many people involved in sports also prefer OccuNomix clothing to relieve pain. OccuNomix helps many employers comply with OSHA industrial safety regulations.


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