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For more than 25 years, Partner Tech has earned the status of a highly esteemed and rapidly growing corporation. The company offers cutting-edge terminals and peripherals for PC-based open architecture POS terminals. Partner Tech Corp. presented its latest POS and KIOSK solutions for Retail, Hospitality, Hotel, and Food & Beverage.

Partner Tech will never stand still and its desire to create the best products for its ever-growing customer base gives the strength to innovate and manufacture state-of-the-art POS systems, modernized soft touch screen terminals, corporate POS-based tablets, advanced digital signage equipment, and other technological solutions, keeping pace with innovations.

Diversity of tools, starting with mobile POS solutions, IoT displays, and ending with compact all-in-one POS with a built-in printer, helped the company to become a demanded Store Partner in today’s world. All its products pass off international tests for being secure and appropriate.

Process Optimization, Digital Signage, Convenience Store Systems, In-Store Media, and many more became extended products line of advanced technologies by reason of partnership with QISDA Group. Be the utmost supplier in retail and specialty stores is one of its main aims.

Partner Tech is a faithful partner on the way to your success, reducing your TCO cost while increasing your efficiency.

Partner Tech - Care. Trust. Responsibility.

Partner Tech
Partner Tech
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