With years of experience, Pace Edwards is considered to be one of the leading developers and manufacturers of high-quality tonneau covers.

Why Choose Pace Edwards?

  • The company prides itself on delivering confident cost savings by adhering to the highest standards in design, manufacturing, and testing, offering a complete and modern product line.
  • A close-knit team of passionate people: product managers, strategists, customer service specialists, designers, and technologists - all working towards the same goal - to make your life better.
  • The company unites its love for trucks with talent and experience, getting dependable and robust products.
  • Pace Edwards solutions are known all over the world for their superior performance, better reliability, and prime design.

The company strives to deliver the finest retractable truck bed covers in the market. When you use Pace Edwards tonneau covers you can fully feel outstanding convenience and secure protection.

Pace Edwards boasts strong engineering capabilities, rich industry experience, complete technical support, and reasonable pricing, which together create the value of Pace Edwards products.

Find the right product for you and order it at Prime Buy!

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