Overland-Tandberg (known as Overland Storage) is a leader in the data storage industry. Together with Tandberg, acquired in 2014, the company represents a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sphere 3D Corp, a trusted supplier of containerization, virtualization, and data management products. This acquisition has brought the company not only new manufacturing facilities but also years of experience that resulted in its expanding the product list with innovative and high-quality products. 

Now Overland-Tandberg delivers comprehensive data solutions and services for large & small businesses to securely manage and protect their digital assets. 

The list of its products includes an extensive variety of tape libraries and autoloaders. The technology itself allows users to store, protect, and archive crucial data, with a high level of security and low maintenance costs. Failsafe LTO tape products from Overland-Tandberg represent an ideal solution for efficient long-term data storage.

The company also manufactures the RDX line of removable backup and archive solutions. This simple removable disk technology with a tough and armored design provides a reliable and valuable data repository, ideal for off-site disconnected storage for disaster recovery.

Overland-Tandberg with its wide range of simple but highly reliable storage solutions has something to suit every requirement, even the most demanding.

Choose reliability with Overland-Tandberg.

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