NCR knows exactly how many ways of competing between brands, businesses, and corporations have changed with the advent of digital technologies in the world.

In 135 years of building a successful future, NCR, previously known as National Cash Register, has earned the title of being the world's premier corporation for the restaurant business, banking, retail, and more. NCR manufactures a variety of transaction solutions like POS and ATM software and hardware, equipment such as barcode scanners, POS monitors and terminals, etc. NCR does this with a strong desire to ensure that its customers can easily, safely, and comfortably manage all business processes, enterprises, and everything else in between.

NCR helps its clients integrate the digital and physical aspects of work to optimize their businesses and make them more competitive in today's digital world.

The company strives to keep the world going so that the customers can keep moving forward and problems are solved.

NCR - innovating, growing, serving, leading, evolving, thriving, connecting, running, maintaining, supplying, solving for a world that never stops. Choose your NCR product at Prime Buy and be ahead of the curve.



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