Mimo is a leading manufacturer of monitors, displays, and tablets. The company produces competitive solutions that are used in different spheres all over the world.

Innovative video conferencing solutions from Mimo give an opportunity to create a successful work environment. Fussless connections, engaging presentations, and productive meetings will certainly make your workflow more streamlining and effective. Mimo touchscreen meeting controller can simplify the use of your conference system, enabling remote management. It gives an opportunity to control all the devices in a room in one touch with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Digital signage became an integral part of our everyday life. Driving down the road, walking into a restaurant, sitting at the airport, or shopping, you see a number of colorful displays that constantly capture your attention. Commercials, special offers, sales, etc. are broadcasted on the screens to attract customers and give useful information.

Mimo offers reliable and durable digital signage solutions to provide perfect interaction everywhere. There is a wide range of outdoor and indoor displays designed to withstand various weather conditions as well as extreme temperatures. They show crisp and clear images everywhere, including amusement parks, gas stations, poolsides, and more.

With a growing number of shops and supermarkets, it’s difficult to attract clients without constant innovations. Mimo manufactures retail touchscreen monitors that are designed to entertain, inform, educate, and influence customers. Everything from product information and special offers can be shown to your quests, giving them an opportunity to enjoy the process with a delightful, user-friendly interface.

Mimo manufactures monitors in a variety of form factors to fulfill all your needs. The list of its products includes USB monitors, tablets, open frame, stretch, outdoor/indoor displays, and more.

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